• Simple structures, organizations with minimal hierarchical levels; human development and internal training for the executive functions. Flexibility and swiftness of decisions. Operation with the advantages of a small company, which is what makes a company great.
  • Maintaining austerity in times of plenty, since this is what strengthens, capitalizes and accelerates the development of the company, while avoiding drastic and bitter adjustments in times of crisis..
  • Staying always active in the modernization, growth, training, quality, simplification and constant improvement of the productive processes.
  • Increasing our productivity, competitiveness, reducing expenses and costs, guided always by the highest world standards.
  • The company must never limit itself to the owner’s or administrator’s standards. We must not feel great in our own little corral. Investing the minimum amounts in nonproductive assets..
  • There is no challenge we cannot overcome by working together, with a clear view of the objectives and a knowledge of the tools.
  • Money that leaves the company evaporates. That is why we reinvest the profits.
  • The company’s creativity is not applicable only to the business, but also to the solution of many of the problems that beset our countries We do this through the Group’s Foundations.
  • A firm and patient optimism will always bear fruit.

All times are good for those who know how to work and have the means to do it.  Our premise has always been that you can’t take it with you; that we can only do things while we are alive, and that the entrepreneur is the creator of wealth which he will only administer temporarily..