Produce products and services with quality, on time and cost, in compliance with the requirements of health, safety and environmental protection, considering the environment and interested parties, seeking to meet the objectives, continuous improvement of the system and business innovation.

January 2022 Rev. 10


For the quality and innovation of our business and administration models, we have been awarded the 2013 National Quality Award, a distinction that is a benchmark for sustainability, productivity, innovation and competitiveness in Mexico.


Our management model is replicable to any product, service, client, system (quality, environmental, safety, etc.), region or country.

Our objectives are achieved through managing results with a process approach and not as isolated departments.


Our quality management system is ISO 9001-2015 certified in all the countries where we operate.

Regarding the Occupational Health and Safety Management System, we have the ISO 45001-2018 certification in Central Administrative Operations, Fluid Lines and Inspection Unit.

The Environmental Management System is ISO 14001-2015 certified in Central Administrative Operations, Fluid Lines and Inspection Unit.

• We have a Type “C” Inspection Unit with NMX-EC-17020-INMC-2014 certification, referring to verification regarding fiber optic tests, hydrostatic tests and penetrating liquid tests.